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Proposal BenchmarkerTM

Proposal BenchmarkerTM

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My Proposal CoachTM

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New for '22 - How the best win

Five years in the making! Our latest white paper unveils the results of in-depth, real-time profiles of bidding organisations worldwide.

The power of proposals

How is your organisation doing when it comes to proposals? More importantly, how can you tell? It's not as simple as looking at how many bids you've won or lost. Sometimes, it takes a good hard look in the mirror.

In another of SP's thought-provoking white papers, directors Jon and Graham present the results of over 1,000 organisations' responses to our 100-question Proposal Benchmarker. Launched in 2017, it's a free-to-use online tool that helps you get right to the crux of what you're doing well, what you could be doing better and, well, what you're not doing well. Why? We want our entire profession to be at the top of its game. We want to be at the sharp end, helping organisations prepare the best and most powerful proposals.

The best know what it takes to win. There is no guarantee to success, of course, but there are plenty of guaranteed ways to fail.

How have things changed in the past five years? Are we all getting better? Are we learning? Are we winning more? These, and other questions, are answered in How the best WIN.

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