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Proposal BenchmarkerTM

Proposal BenchmarkerTM

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My Proposal CoachTM

My Proposal CoachTM

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How the best win 2022 - #3 in the Spring webinar series

SP directors Jon and Graham show you how the very latest findings from this industry-leading benchmarking model can drive change in your organisation.  

How the best win - 2022

Date: 31st May 2022
Host: Kat Wyon
Speakers: Jon Williams and Graham Ablett
Length: 45 mins

Over the past five years, nearly 1,000 organisations have assessed their proposal capabilities using our free online Proposal Benchmarker™ tool.

So what can we learn from the 100,000 data points in the model? What do the most successful bid teams do to achieve the highest win rates and gain advantage over their rivals? Which sectors excel? What benefit could you get from sharpening your capabilities?  

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