Our team in the Netherlands

Strategic Proposals NL started up in 2006 and is based in Utrecht. The team consists of three proposal consultants, one proposal specialist and one proposal writer.

Before joining Strategic Proposals NL, all of the team worked on proposals at leading companies including HP, Vodafone, KPMG, Atos Origin and Clifford Chance. In addition the team has 20 years’ of purchasing experience. We use our knowledge of procurement processes and research among buyers to enhance our proposal services.

Recognised as the leading Proposal Consultancy company in the Netherlands, we help businesses to improve their proposal capabilities and work side by side to create winning proposals for important sales opportunities. We’ve worked in every sector: from oil & gas, catering and IT, to transport and accountancy, for small companies to giant corporations.

Our approach is always pragmatic and result-oriented. The goal is winning more proposals, with less effort. We achieve this with our knowledge, experience and facilities including training room and proposal war room.

For more information about Strategic Proposals Netherlands please visit our Dutch language site: www.strategicproposals.nl

Netherlands team - Janneke Orriëns

Janneke Orriëns CP, APMP

Janneke is recognised for her passion for proposals, championing proposal management best practice as she and her team help bidders to capture ‘must win’ deals and to bring about radical increases in win rates. She has completed proposal assignments with clients in sectors such as IT, telecoms, accounting, facility management, staffing and logistics.

Janneke served as the first Chief Executive of the Netherlands chapter of APMP in 2004-2006. Today, the Netherlands Chapter is one of the largest APMP chapters. Additionally, since 2007, she has been part of the Board of Directors of NEVI, the Dutch association for procurement professionals. Over 6,000 procurement professionals are NEVI members.

Her first experience within the proposal profession was with Getronics, where she was one of two dedicated proposal managers, tasked with increasing market share within the utilities and government markets through tenders.

Using these experiences, Janneke set up and led Compaq’s Strategic Bid Centre and successfully integrated the team with the HP bid desk, where her 21-strong team managed major Dutch and global bids, increasing win rates and efficiency. The combined Strategic Bid Centre managed proposals across the HP business units and was considered a key success factor in winning the Country of the Year award.

Prior to joining Strategic Proposals, Janneke worked at KPMG International, one of the largest professional services firms in the world and one of the Big Four auditors. As a buyer, she successfully ran Global RFPs and negotiations, such as a Global RFP for PC hardware and services.

Respected as a thought leader in the proposal profession, Janneke has a track record of outstandingly successful achievement – consistently attracting excellent feedback from senior executives, course participants, evaluators and proposal professionals alike.

Janneke can be reached via jo@strategicproposals.nl and on +31 (0)30 88 96 000.

Netherlands team - Richard Buijs

Richard Buijs CPP, APMP Fellow

Richard is the founder and Managing Director of Strategic Proposals NL. His professional background includes more than 20 years’ experience with procurement, sales and business development in several sectors including IT, Waste Management and Office furniture.

His areas of expertise include training of sales and bid teams, managing proposal teams, from assessing proposal output quality, to benchmarking organisations’ business development operations and implementing improvements.

Prior to joining Strategic Proposals, Richard worked at HP leading the International Services Opportunity Centre and before that as HP Bid desk Manager with a team of 21 bid and proposal professionals. In this role he developed and implemented HP’s Tender Partner Enabling programme. This programme helped increase win rates to over 70%.

Richard was the first person in continental Europe to be elected as a Fellow of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP). He is an accredited Proposal Professional and served on the APMP International board contributing to its long term growth strategy and new initiatives.

Blessed with ‘excellent penmanship’ Richard enjoys writing about proposal best practices for prominent Dutch marketing and sales magazines, such as ‘Sales Magazine’ and ‘Marketing Week’. Through the Speakers Academy, the leading organization for professional speakers, Richard is available to speak at sales, proposal and purchasing conferences. His ‘Proposal Supermarket’ and ‘Proposal Nightmares’ sessions have met with huge acclaim.

Respected as a thought leader in the sales and proposal profession, Richard has a track record of outstandingly successful achievement, consistently attracting excellent feedback from senior executives, course participants, evaluators and sales and proposal professionals alike.

Richard can be reached via rb@strategicproposals.nl and on +31 (0) 30 88 96 000.

Netherlands team - Robyn Grafton

Robyn Grafton Senior Proposal Writer

Experience in complex change projects and strategic communications. Robyn is an effective and creative proposal writer with a broad range of styles produced to a very high standard.

She has spent more than 12 years in the financial services and legal industry, with eight of those spent as part of the Business Development team of global law firm Clifford Chance, working in both their London and Amsterdam offices. Throughout her career, Robyn has coordinated and written a multitude of winning proposals, covering a range of legal industry sectors. In addition she has been involved in crafting engaging marketing copy and editorial sent to industry publications. With this experience, she brings a wealth of practical knowledge in translating complicated technical information from subject matter experts, into commercially focused proposal text or editorial.

Robyn is able to keep a cool head and a steady hand while juggling multiple projects and facing challenging deadlines thanks to experience in supporting large groups of time-poor people. Working almost exclusively in global companies, therefore understanding the unique challenges of working cross-culturally and is well practiced in the delicate art of multi-stakeholder management as a result of years spent working within a partnership structure.

Robyn loves to travel and write about her travel experiences. A feature she wrote covering her Indian adventure received a ‘Highly Commended’ award in the Daily Telegraph’s travel writing competition. She is a Native English speaker.

Robyn can be reached via rg@strategicproposals.nl and on +31 (0)30 88 96 000.

Netherlands team - Wijnand Wustrow

Wijnand Wustrow AM APMP

Senior Bid Manager, who joined SP NL in 2011, to fully use his skills in bid management best practices. His skills were gained through 15 years’ of experience and the APMP accreditation programme. He brings extensive knowledge of public tendering and complex IT bids – including offshoring services to India.

Wijnand previously worked at ATOS Origin as a Bid Consultant, which included responsibility for training, optimising processes and commercial aspects. He was the co-author and course leader of ATOS Bid Management Basics Training.

He provides true leadership on bid strategy and European tendering by working on private sector proposals to the army, financial and legal services, IT software and hardware. He provides clients with support on all phases of the bid cycle on assignments to increase the quality of their sales proposals.

Wijnand can be reached via ww@strategicproposals.nl and on +31 (0)30 88 96 000.