12Jan, 2018

‘Buyers’ view of bidders’ survey now launched

A reminder for buyers that our latest survey – “Buyers’ view of bidders” has now been launched. To participate click here.

This builds on the “Bidders’ View of Buyers” paper, which can be downloaded here.

12Jan, 2018

BEING THE BEST package – soon to be launched

A specially packaged set of services designed to help well-established bid / proposal teams understand what they need to do to remain competitive. For more details on what this service entails, please click here.

10Jan, 2018

WINNING SPECIFIC DEALS package – soon to be launched

Two packages offering different levels of support that will help you to maximise your chances of winning specific deals. For more details and to get access to an exclusive offer on these services please click here.

8Jan, 2018

IMPROVING YOUR PROPOSAL PERFORMANCE package – soon to be launched!

A carefully designed set of packages to help all those involved in bidding to improve their levels of performance. For more details please click here.

4Jan, 2018

Latest survey: Buyers’ View of Bidders

Participate in our latest piece of research that aims to capture the latest view of buyers. This should provide extremely interesting reading for sales, client management and bid and proposal teams, especially when we contrast it with the already published research in to the bidders’ view of buyers.

To get involved, please complete the online survey here.

3Jan, 2018

Summary of the Bidders’ View of Buyers survey

Read Graham’s latest LinkedIn article here to get a summary of the findings from our recent survey and whitepaper.

The full whitepaper can be downloaded from here: http://www.strategicproposals.com/downloads/