‘Proposal Essentials’

Proposals form a critical element of the sales cycle. This book will equip all those involved in proposal development – salespeople, subject matter experts, senior managers – with the key skills and tools necessary to develop powerful, compelling proposals. Packed with pragmatic advice from two of the world’s top proposal experts, Proposal Essentials will help you to win more business – and to win it more easily.

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Quotes from Amazon reviewers

“A fantastic and helpful guide that will quickly become an essential part of your professional library. I keep my copy right on my desk and refer to it often. My copy is annotated, marked up, highlighted, and bookmarked with post-it notes so I can easily find my favorite passages. After reading this the first time, I had takeaways that I was able to implement with my proposal team immediately. Sometimes, on a particularly frustrating day, I’ll just open it up to a random page and read some of the genius to inspire me to improve (both myself and my company).”

“Jon and BJ have nailed it! Having been in the proposal development profession for over 10 years, I’ve read a number of “how-to” guides that are great in theory but lack in real-world application. What makes this quick-read different is that the authors follow their own advice: This book contains clear, compelling and practical content and suggestions (with added real-world stories and proof points) that kept me turning the pages and shaking my head, “yes!” with every chapter.”

“If you only ever buy one book about proposal management, make it this one! The book is thorough, without being too much hard work, and covers all areas of proposal management in a really easy to read format. If you are new to proposal management, or an old hand, there will be something in here that you find useful. The top tips are a very handy at-a-glance reference point for those moments of panic that we all have when writing a proposal. I would definitely recommend it as an interesting read and a powerful tool.”